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  Journal of the Musicological Society of Japan, Vol. XLVIII (1) (2002)

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INADA Takayuki 1 Rethinking Wagner's "Kunst des Übergangs ": A Compound of Techniques in Scene 2 of Act 2 from Tristan und Isolde
KÔZUKI Tomoko 15 Existential Musical Space in G. Ligeti's Violoncellokonzert (1966)
SAITO Mitsuru 31 Mevlevi Music in the Republic of Turkey: Granting of Recognition of Turkishness to the Music by the Government and Its People
NIWA Seishiro 44 Recruitment Activities by a Sixteenth-Century Italian Princely Chapel: Josquin Persoens' Recruitment Travels in 1565
YAMAUCHI Rika 58 L'établissement du sérialisme comme un langage musical ou la conquête des possibilités d'expression par Pierre Boulez
71 Studies and Reports
74 Book Reviews
75 Reports on the Regional Meetings
79 Dissertation in Musicology (2001)