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  Journal of the Musicological Society of Japan, Vol. L (1) (2004)

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OAI Takaharu 1 Vincenzo Galilei's Cristicism against Zarlino: The Transfiguration of Pythagoreanism
SAEGUSA Mari 13 Incunabula of the Japanese Orchestral Movement Focusing on Mitsukoshi Boy's Band
TAZAKI Naomi 27 Musical productions at the Opéra-Comique during the Vichy era: from the viewpoint of the new French works performed for the first time there
FUKUDA Chie 40 Mitsuzaki kenkyô's tegotomono pieces: the relationship between the sangen and the koto parts concentrating on the kakeai.
YAMADERA Mikiko 54 The Hikone Castle Museum's Kin'yôshihô (Quinyozhifa): An old manuscript on playing techniques for the kin (qin)
68 Book Reviews
76 Reports on the Regional Meetings
78 Doctoral Dissertation in Musicology (2003)