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  Journal of the Musicological Society of Japan, Vol. L (2) (2004)

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IWASAWA Takako 1 Nooraa: an epistemic study about the traditional performing arts in the southern Thailand
HIRAI Makiko 14 Florid Organum and Melismatic Organum: Their Compositional Strategies and Relationships to Theoretical Writings
MASHINO Ako 32 Performance of Balinese sung dance-drama arja: a study of variety and similarity
MATSUDA Satoshi 44 Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro in the Performances of Operas at the Burgtheater: An Essay on the Circumstances of the 1786/87 Seasons
YOSHIDA Yuko 56 The Performance of Ballet Accompanists
68 Book Reviews
75 Reports on the Regional Meetings