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  Journal of the Musicological Society of Japan, Vol. LI (1) (2005)

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ISHIHARA Shinji 1 Reconsidering the theory that trumpet playing had declined during the classical period: From views of extinction and development
SUZUKI Chiho 14 The Great Organ at the Church of St. Catharinen in Hamburg: the Phenomena at the Organ Enlargement in the 17th Century and the Meanings
TANI Masato 28 The concept of improvisation in Iranian traditional music: the performer's mental state and memory when confronting the improvisational model
HIRAI Makiko 41 Beyond the Prologue: A Study of Lasso's Prophetiae Sibyllarum
YASUKAWA Tomoko 57 "Gallia", Lamentation de Charles Gounod: "Ars Gallica" au-delà de la Société Nationale
74 Book Reviews
76 Reports on the Regional Meetings
79 Doctoral Dissertation in Musicology (2004)