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  Journal of the Musicological Society of Japan, Vol. LII (1) (2006)

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KURIHARA Utako 1 The Interrelated Development of Music, Color Selection, and the Screen Composition in Norman McLaren's Synchromy
SONODA Junko 18 Die Messen von Johann Rosenmuller (1619-1684): Eine Studie uber die konzertierenden Messen in der Bokemeyer-Sammlung
TSUGAMI Eske 32 Point against point: contrapunctus as a metaphor in early contrapuntal theory
MATSUMOTO Naomi 45 An anonymous setting of L'Ospedale and the question of an "asylum opera" genre
WASEDA Minako 62 The Bon Dance in Southern California: Characteristics of a Japanese Diasporic Culture
79 Studies and Reports
81 Book Reviews
83 Reports on the Regional Meetings
85 Doctoral Dissertation in Musicology (2005)