ONGAKUGAKU Vol. LVII (1) (2011)

CONTENTS          | Japanese

KAMIYAMA Noriko 1 Liszts Zwölf Symphonische Dichtungen als Orchesterzyklus:
Die Ordnung der Stücke nach poetischen Materialien und die tonartliche Beziehung
NOHARA Yasuko 15 Alexander Scriabin’s Black Mass and White Mass:
A Consideration of Philosophical Expression in His Late Piano Sonatas
HASEGAWA Yumiko 28 Music Scores Purchased by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Western Songs in Songbooks Published during the Meiji Era
HIRAI Makiko 43 Concept of Copula Reconsidered
MATSUMOTO Naomi 56 Pio Enea degli Obizzi and the Opera Torneo Genre:
Toward an Understanding of the Commercialisation of Early Italian Opera
69 Book Reviews
75 Reports on the Regional Meetings
78 Doctoral Dissertation in Musicology (2010)

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