ONGAKUGAKU Vol. LXIV (1) (2018)

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SHIBATA Kotaro 1 The Syncretisms in Musical Accompaniment of Jidaigeki Films in the late 1920s: Wayo gasso, Musical Selection, New Composition
NIIBAYASHI Kazuo 17 The Dresden Court Orchestra in the Hubertusburg Hunting Palace: The Instrumentation for Performing Operas in 1737, 1741 and 1742
SANO Akitsugu 31 Arnold Schönbergs „Entwickelnde Variation“: im Wandel seiner Kompositionstechnik
OKADA Akihiro 49 Die Rezeption des Terminus »Leitmotiv« zu Lebzeiten Richard Wagners
64 Book Reviews
80 Reports on the Regional Meetings
83 Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology (2017)

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