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MATSUBARA Kaoru 97 Strict Style in Hans Georg Nägelifs Aesthetics: Musikalische Kunstwerke im strengen Style von J. S. Bach und andern Meistern revisited
SHIMIZU Yasuhiro 113 gChurch Musich and gReligious Musich: Church Music Theory of Albert Gereon Stein
HARA Rui 127 For Away as a Turning Point in the Work of Toru Takemitsu: The Way of Constructing of the Sound and the Background of the Composing Process
YAMAKAMI Yohei 144 La pensée musicale du toucher et du geste : essai de revalorisation de la philosophie du jeu pianistique de Marie Jaëll
MARUYAMA Yoko 161 Beethovenfs gNeuer Wegh: Compositional Parallels with Anton Eberl
179 Book Reviews
196 The 69th Congress of the Musicological Society of Japan
226 Reports on the Regional Meetings
229 Constitutions

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