The Musicological Society of Japan
International Forum for Young Musicologists 2010 May 14-17, 2010, in Yokohama

Massage from the President of International Musicological Society, Dr. Tilman Seebass

Dear Colleagues and Participants from Japan and Overseas,

As a President of IMS I am very pleased to send you the sincerest greetings for the eInternational Forum for Young Musicologistsf. To my knowledge, such a conference is a welcome novum in the international arena of musicological congresses.

In many countries around the globe efforts are intensifying to improve the institutional needs of our discipline and the international contacts. Ironically, at the same time, the academic institutions of the humanistic disciplines, particularly in continental Europe, are undergoing a period of crisis. It becomes increasingly difficult to enter a professional, academic career. Thus nothing could be more welcome than a Forum like this one, where young scholars have an opportunity to prove themselves on an international stage and form professional and personal bonds.

The future of our discipline depends on the young generation of scholars. Although the older ones can perhaps provide you with models and a distillation of what they learned in their time, you, the young ones, have to find a link to the demands of the present with its ideas and its music. The Forum offers you a chance to better understand this task.

It is my hope that the Forum will help you to see beyond your place and find your vision and your confidence.

With best wishes,

Dr. Tilman Seebass
Emeritus Professor
President of the International Musicological Society

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