The Musicological Society of Japan
International Forum for Young Musicologists 2010 May 14-17, 2010, in Yokohama


As of May 12th 2010. This program is subject to change due to inevitable reasons.

Friday, May 14th
14:00-15:30 Registration
15:30-16:30 Opening Session
Message from the President of International Musicological Society, Prof. Dr. Tilman Seebass (Live broadcasting from Austria)
FR1: 16:30-18:30    Chair: Tatsuhiko Itoh
Shzr Ee Tan: Performing The Internet: The YouTube Symphony Orchestra
Fuyuko Fukunaka: Anti-Communist Propaganda Or Philanthropy Misfired?
Harm Langenkamp: An Unprecedented Confrontation: The 1961 Tokyo World Music Festival
Reception 19:00-20:30   
Faculty Lounge, Raiosha Bldg. 1F
Saturday, May 15th
SA1: 9:00-10:15    Chair: Akira Ishii
Ruth Seehaber: Due to Bad Weather the German Revolution Took Place in Music: The Idea of the Political Function of Music as Propagated by the New German School.
Joanna Bullivant: The Individual and the Collective: Benjamin Britten's Our Hunting Fathers (1936) and the Politics of Modernism in 1930s Britain.
SA2: 10:30-11:45    Chair: Nozomi Sato
Hikari Kobayashi: Edvard Grieg and the Language Conflict in Norway around 1900
Martin Knust: The Impact of Continental Art Music upon Nordic Composers
SA3: 13:00-14:15    Chair: Akira Ishii
Tomoe HAMAZAKI: Music and Modernization in the Republic of Turkey: Examining the Construction of Turkish National Music
Kentaro SAKAI: Japanese National Music and Cultural Identity: Analysis of Articles in Japanese Musical Magazines in Early 1940s
SA4: 14:30-15:45    Chair: Hermann Gottschewski
SAITO Kei: The New Folk Songs in Modern Japan
Klara Hrvatin: The Japanese Folk song Kagura Mai: To be or not to be Preserved
SA5: 16:15-17:30    Chair: Matt Gillan
Yang Yuanzheng: Interpreting the Qin in Tokugawa Japan: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Ogyu? Sorai's (1666-1728) Studies on the Chinese Qin Music
Tsan Huang Tsai: 'Tradition,' Internal Debates, and Future Directions: The Concept of Tradition and Its Relation to Time in the Practices of the Chinese Seven-stringed Zither (Qin)
Sunday, May 16th
SU1: 9:00-11:00    Chair: Hermann Gottschewski
Shrinkhla Sahai: Excavating Tradition : Classicism and Modernity in the eGharanaf system of Hindustani Music
Tobias Robert Klein: The Intentions of Tradition: (Inter)national Consciousness and the Early Historiography of Music in West Africa
Mariko Anno: Nohkan Notation in English Noh: The Transmission and Translation Process from Japanese into English
SU2: 11:30-12:45    Chair: Masako Shibuya
Tomoko Yasukawa: Mode as National Identity in France: Bourgault-Ducoudray and His Lecture at the 1878 Exposition Universelle
Mari Saegusa: Development of Japanese Vocal Music Focusing on Qunihiko Hashimoto: Music Representation between the Japanese Tradition and the Avant-gardism of the Early Showa Era.
SU3: 13:45-15:00    Chair: Matt Gillan
Mitsuko Kawabata: A Representation of Italian Immigrants in the Traditional Argentine Circus
Tasaw Hsin-chun Lu: Performativity of Difference: Mapping Public Soundscapes and Performing Nostalgia among Burmese Chinese in Central Rangoon (1949-1988)
15:00-16:30: Closing Session    Moderator: Tastsuhiko Itoh
17:00- Excursion
Monday, May 17th
Excursion: Yamaki-Ryokan, Ito-city, 12:00 End at Ito Station

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