The Musicological Society of Japan
International Forum for Young Musicologists 2010 May 14-17, 2010, in Yokohama

Beyond Boundaries: A Perspective for the Future of Musicology

Musicology in the 21st century is becoming increasingly borderless, both in terms of geography and academic traditions. Nevertheless, there have often been linguistic and cultural barriers that have made it difficult for researchers from outside Europe and America to make their presence felt in an international context. With this forum, we hope to overcome some of these traditional barriers and divisions, and thereby provide an opportunity for the worldfs leading young researchers to share their research.

The invited speakers represent a variety of countries, and we are happy to be able to welcome ten participants from across Asia, Europe and America. We are also pleased to present the work of ten leading young researchers from within Japan, who will demonstrate the diversity and high level of research in this country. We hope that this Forum will provide an opportunity for a sharing of ideas and approaches to musical scholarship around the world, regardless of genre or nationality. More importantly, we hope that the Forum will act as a context for personal connections to be made that will enable future collaborations to take place in an international context, and shape the direction of musical research in the coming years.

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